Help the Environment and Our Water!

By Joseph Fernandez

6th Grader at GREEN Charter School


IMG_1922Being freshwater friendly helps the environment and saves our water. Like Thomas Fuller once said “We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”

If we don’t watch out our water could become polluted and we wouldn’t be able to use water like we do right now. Pet waste is a slight cause to pollution of water, as well as lawn fertilizers and washing your car on your driveway.

Poop Etiquette

Pet Waste is not what people usually talk about and they don’t think it is a major thing that pollutes the environment, though it does. Unscooped pet waste contains things such as nitrogen, phosphorous, fecal bacteria and parasites that can be washed down, by rain, into bodies of water. To keep the water clean please pick up your pets waste, like you are supposed to.

Curb Control

When washing your car with soap and water, getting all that dirt off of your car, the water is mixed with soap goes down your curb and down into the storm drains. Storm drains aren’t usually filtered, and is just deposited into the lakes, rivers and streams. To help not pollute lakes and rivers even more than they are polluted right now, use soap and cleaning products sparingly and use a hose with a trigger nozzle. To not let most of the pollutants pollute our lakes and rivers wash your car on your lawn, the grass will filter the dirty water .

Yard Savvy

Lawn fertilizers do contain nitrogen and phosphorus and those two things are major pollutants. Those two pollutants lower oxygen in our waterways and they have a negative impact on aquatic life. Some people’s lawns don’t even need fertilizers, so test your lawn to see if it does need fertilizer. When buying fertilizer look for fertilizer with low concentration.

The END?

All these three things, pet waste, lawn fertilizer and car washes, pollute the water we take for granted. However you can help to save water by doing all the things that were talked about in the paragraphs before. I will be trying to do these things at my home. To get more information go to or