What scares a ghost book writer? Clogged pipes

Renewable Water Resources recently asked local author John Boyanoski, who has written two books on Upstate ghost legends, about his scariest Halloween memory. His answer surprised even us.

“When I was kid, our school did some kind of large pumpkin cutting contest on weekend. We got to school Monday and the lunchroom was closed and the smell from it was terrible. Just terrible. The rumor quickly got around that after the carving contest, someone tried to dump all of the pumpkin …I have no what to call them except innards…down the industrial sink drain thinking it would magically flush away. It didn’t and instead pretty much shut down every pipe going out of the school.  Now that was the legend told. I can’t say how true it is, but we did have to eat in our classroom for a few days. I will never forget that smell.

At ReWa,  this story sounds familiar. Many people think they can run the gooey Pumpkin mess down the drain and not worry about it. That goes the same for people who think flushing the pumpkin residue is fine as well. What they don’t realize is that pumpkin gunk hardens once it gets into the pipes leading out of houses, businesses and schools.

And that is a Halloween horror for homeowners. Here are some Halloween tips to keep your Jack-O-Lantern from becoming a “Clog-o-Lantern.”

  • Don’t carve your pumpkin in a sink.
  • Place pumpkin remains on a heavy paper.
  • Always dispose of pumpkin carving in a trash can.

So, don’t let your pipes spook you this Halloween season. Avoid flushing pumpkin sludge down the drain or your house’s pipes will sound haunted well into Thanksgiving.