Be Freshwater Friendly this 4th of July

Independence Day is coming up, and you can help be Be Freshwater Friendly while honoring a classic American holiday.

Here are some things to remember

  • Don’t sweep leftover fireworks debris into storm drains. Please dispose of them in a garbage can. Or something like this can happen.
  •  If for some reason you don’t cook hot dogs on the grill, and end up them making them in a greasy concoction, don’t pour the grease down the drain. But, honestly, grill those hot dogs.It is the Fourth of July.
  • If you have a child in diapers that gets so excited by fireworks that his or her diaper fills up quicker than normal, please don’t flush that diaper down the toilet.
  • Also, don’t throw fireworks into a street drain. We are serious. This is a thing people do. Don’t be that person.

But most importantly, have a safe and wonderful holiday.