Storm drains are no place for autumn leaves

You are hopefully well-aware of the dangers of pouring oil, pesticides and other products into our storm drains, but now that fall is here, remember: Stormwater drains are no place for leaves, either. It might seem harmless enough to take the leaf blower and send that pile of leaves into the storm drain – after… read more »

Your toilet is not a trash can!

For several years now, Renewable Water Resources has been a major proponent of Be Fresh Water Friendly’s Potty Protocol. The main focus is trying to convey what people should and should not flush. We have not been alone in this effort. Wastewater officials across the nation are trying to educate the public on how flushing these… read more »

2017 Be Freshwater Friendly Essay Contest

By Bailee Hepola Most people do not realize the things they do every day that affect our freshwater. Every day. It makes such a big impact on our lives because we use our water all the time in our daily activities. We drink our water, use it to wash dishes, to bathe, wash our car,… read more »

Looking for a New Years’ Resolution? Be Freshwater Friendly

It’s no secret that New Year Resolutions aren’t always as successful as we’d like to hope for. Whether a goal is poorly planned or just downright unrealistic (darn you, chocolate!), resolutions usually aren’t easy to stick to. If you’re still looking for a way to better yourself beginning January 1st, 2017, we encourage you to… read more »

World Toilet Day 2016

It’s easy to take advantage of having a clean and properly functioning toilets, seeing as a majority of US residents have never gone without access to modern plumbing and sanitation. Unfortunately, more than 2.4 billion people across the world live without access to a toilet. A lack of toilets at work and at home has… read more »

To Flush or Not to Flush?

To Flush or Not to Flush?! That is the question! Every day, Renewable Water Resources processes tons of debris that people flush down their toilets, not realizing the impact that this can have on the pump stations, sewer lines, and facility equipment. This is why we are joining with the National Association of Clean Water… read more »

Storm drains? Leaf em alone

The trees look beautiful this time of year, but all that fall color eventually ends up on your lawn and driveway. By that point, it isn’t so wonderful looking. It is more of a mess.  So you rake those leaves out of your yard, remember leaf litter can pose a serious problem to our storm… read more »

Be Freshwater Friendly this 4th of July

Independence Day is coming up, and you can help be Be Freshwater Friendly while honoring a classic American holiday. Here are some things to remember Don’t sweep leftover fireworks debris into storm drains. Please dispose of them in a garbage can. Or something like this can happen.  If for some reason you don’t cook hot dogs on… read more »

2016 Be Freshwater Friendly Essay Contest Winner

Below is the entry from GREEN Charter School Sixth grader Dawson Leipprandt, who was the winner of the 2016 Be Freshwater Friendly essay contest: Humans can’t survive without water. Plants and animals can’t survive without water. So why do we pollute when it is so important? People should become freshwater friendly by knowing how to take care of… read more »

Be Freshwater Friendly for Super Bowl 50

Hosting a Super Bowl party this year? Here are four simple ways to reduce pollution into our local waterways, while still enjoying the biggest game of the year. 1. Remove all non-flushable items such as paper towels, disposable wipes, tissues and other related items in your restrooms. This reduces the chances of guests flushing anything… read more »