Renewable Water Resources

Renewable Water Resources (ReWa)

ReWa is the local wastewater treatment provider for Greenville County, and parts of Anderson, Laurens, Pickens and Spartanburg Counties. Our goal is to promote a cleaner environment and protect the public health and water quality of the Upstate waterways, while providing and developing the necessary sewer infrastructure for growth.

We promote a variety of public education campaigns that aim to increase awareness of how our day-to-day behaviors can directly impact the local water environments in the Upstate. Check out a few of our other programs:

Proper medication disposalProject Rx is a semi-annual event to offer the Upstate community a free and safe way to properly dispose of prescription and over-the-counter medications.


Freshwater Freddie: Leap into ActionFreshwater Freddie is ReWa’s kid-friendly mascot, who offers educational tips and activities on his blog.


Cooking with Fats, Oils & GreaseFats, Oils and Grease, also known as FOG, can be harmful to the environment. If poured down the drain, FOG sticks to the inside of the sewer lines. Over time, this grease builds up and blocks the sewer system causing raw sewage overflows and backups.